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Don't Run out of Cash when You Need It

Despite our best intentions, most of us run into the occasional financial emergency. The refrigerator might break down during the same week that we have a short paycheck. We can have car trouble. Many people are living paycheck to paycheck, and cannot afford these items without a little help. During these times, many people get a loan on their check. Online cheap loans can help you out with these little emergencies.

Are These Services Really Cheap?

Are these advances really the affordable option? Consider the alternatives. If you can't get to work, is it cheap to not work or lose your job? Is it cheap to not repair the refrigerator and lose all of the food inside? What about the emotional costs about not seeing a loved one who is dying? When compared to banking fees, these services can be a bargain. One of the alternatives to taking out an advance is to overdraw their bank account, which can incur a $30 fee per transaction. Someone could easily overdraw their account three different times before they realized what they were doing, incurring around $90 in penalties. If these three different transactions included running through the drive through, buying a newspaper, and buying a new shirt, the charges would be quite hefty. If your check arrived the next day, the penalties you just paid would be well above the annual percentage rate that lenders charge.


Many People Qualify

There are a few qualifications to receive online cheap loans, but most people qualify. You need to be at least 18 years old, you need to have a job, and you need to have a bank account. With many lenders there are minimum income requirements, and there may be requirements on the minimum length of time that you've had your bank account open, but most people with a job can get an advance. In most cases, you don't even have to have good credit.

Start the Process Today

The application process for online cheap loans is fairly easy. You don't have to leave home, because you can apply over the internet. Your money is deposited into your bank account, usually on the next business day. For most people, the application process is quick and easy. If you need a little extra money to help you out until next payday, you can get the process started today by filling out our online form.